Chronological listing of works with performing forces, premieres and recordings.

CD releases include digital downloads on all major streaming sites.

CD release of Arpa

A new counterpoint
January, 2024

CD release of Beyond

Music beyond cultural genres.
August, 2023

CD Release of Stile Brillante, post Chopin

Imagining a 21st century Chopin
October, 2022

CD release of Ocean Ragas

inspired by Indian ragas
piano, percussion
January 2022

CD release of Double Jazz

experimental jazz for keyboard duos
January, 2022

CD release of String

an exploration of the ways strings can be played
for 14 western and world string instruments
January, 2022

Ikaros, The Calf Bears Sacrifice

Recording collaboration with poet Constantine Contogenis
voice, Handsonic
Ancient Greek simulations
July, 2021

CD release of Equatorial

a journey around the equator, reassembling the avian world
from individual birdsong field recordings
December, 2020

CD release of Anima

for voice, violin, french horn and audio from the U.S. National Park Service sound library
Steve Nachmanovitch – violin, Randy Rischette – fench horn
October, 2019

CD release of Push Pull

for keyboard instruments: reed bellows, organs, harpsichords, melodicas and toy pianos
September, 2018

CD release of Natura

for noncooperative piano
November, 2017

CD release of Music of the Ancient, Lost or Forgotten

The music of contingent and illusive world cultures December, 2015

CD release of Stasis – Electronic Poems

eco-electronic music
October, 2015.

CD release of Ron Fein Sings Jack London – Thunder in his Hand

Euphonic Records, Modern Troubadour series piano, voice
May, 2014.

Premiere performance of Thunder in his Hand

for piano and voice
at the Jack London Museum, Glen Ellen, CA November, 2013

CD release of Piano Forte Piano

for multiple pianos
February, 2013

CD release of Vesuvio Jazz Trio

Euphonic label
Ron performs all parts of the jazz trio:
Piano, acoustic bass and guitar, Handsonic
April, 2011.

CD release of Drumming the Moon

Euphonic label

Drums, flute, kalimba, electronic percussion

February, 2009

Premiere performance of Desert Ragas

Maureen McGill, choreographer
Pacific Lutheran University Dance Ensemble
April, 2008

Marley’s Ghost (2007)

SATB chorus, piano – Christmas Music
6 min.

Muir Motets (2006)

mens’ chorus, a cappella, 2T, 2Ba, 2B
12 min.

Premiere performance of Wango Juba

Living Yoga of the Desert, Yucca Valley CA 
August, 2004

West coast tour of music installation works

for 20 tape sources, featuring Wango Juba, Hadra and Amber Waves 
Yucca Valley, Portland and Seattle.
August – September, 2004

Wango Juba (2004)

sound installation, 20 tape sources
32 min.

Tesla Fireworks, electronic installation

Premiered at the Monarch Sculpture Center, Olympia WA

August, 2002.

CD release of Desert Ragas

Euphonic label
Solo piano, voice and percussion

March, 2002

CD release of Habitat double CD

Euphonic label 
major electronic compositions
August, 1999

Premiere recording of Foulque Macroule

The New Performance Group of Cornish College
October, 1998

Periphery (1998)

noncooperative orchestra



a site-specific electronic installation
Union Pacific Railroad yard
with composer Doug Haire
 Seattle Improvisation Festival

Premiered May, 1997.

CD release of Saute de vent 

Sound Prints label 
album: Roads to Chaos
September, 1996

Ephemera (1996)

noncooperative orchestra

10 min.

Foulque Macroule (1995)

fl., cl., pno., vn., vc.

5 min.

Meridian (1995)

noncooperative orchestra

10 min.

european tour of music installation works

Hadra and Amber Waves,
 with support from the American Embassy – Germany,
VPRO Radio – Netherlands, UPIC Studios – Paris 

Various works for computer

composed on the UPIC System:

Desèrt (1995) – 16 min.

Migration (1995) – 4 min.

Saute de vent (1994) – 10 min.
The Gift (1994) – sound collage – 6 min.

U.S. tour of music installation works

Hadra and Amber Waves
with funding from Meet the Composer 
September – October, 1993

Premiere performance of Amber Waves

Stop Look Listen
On the Boards, Seattle WA

July, 1993

Undulations (1993)

noncooperative orchestra

10 min.

Amber Waves (1993)

sound installation

20 tape sources

30 min.

Premiere performance of Hadra

New Music America Festival

September, 1992

Hadra (1992)

sound installation

20 tape sources

32 min.

In a dark time, the eye begins to see (1991)

concert sound environment

2 violoncelli, independent tape sources

28 min.

Zen Haiku (1990)

soprano, tenor, violoncello

12 min.

… infinite ocean of force (1989)

instrumental environment

2fl., cl., hn., 2tn., 6vc.
endless duration,
15 min. minimum.

Premiere performance of Whitman Fragments

American Music Festival

Gregg Smith Singers

August, 1988.

Sketches for Violin and Bassoon (1988)

12 min.

Pantoums (1987)

soprano, orchestra

23 min.

Whitman Fragments (1987)

vocal octet, 2S, 2A, 2T, 2B

18 min.

LP release Music for Noncooperative Ensembles

Euphonic label
 includes Godot and Sonnets to Orpheus

April, 1986

Godot (1986)

ob., cl., alt. sax., 2vn., 2va., 2vc.

21 min.

Sonnets to Orpheus (1986)

soprano, cl., bn., tr., hn., tn., perc., vn., va., vc.

22 min.

Premiere performance of Songs for Eve

San Francisco Opera, Schwabacher Recital Series

Bass-baritone Jacob Will

February, 1986.

Decimus (1985)

3 violins, percussion

6 min.

Premiere performance of Pantoums

San Francisco Opera, Schwabacher Recital Series

Soprano Li-Chan-Chen

November, 1985.

Songs for Eve (1985)

bass-baritone, piano

song cycle 
17 min.

Pantoums (1985)

soprano, piano
song cycle 
23 min.

Psalms of Ascents (1985)

SATB chorus, a cappella

18 min.

Piano Sonata (1984)

solo piano
21 min.

Chansons Innocentes (1983)

soprano, violin, piano
3 songs 
12 min.

World premiere of Emotive 1

Scott Vigder, bassoon
Cal Arts Music Festival
March, 1982

Emotive 1 (1982)

solo bassoon

8 min.

American Indian Songs (1982)

childrens’ chorus

4 min.

Hymnal Prosodion (1982)

SATB chorus, a cappella

10 min.

Orchestral Environment (1982)

chamber orchestra (36)

endless duration, 20 minute minimum.

Premiere recording of Extracts from Nature

Kronos Quartet

February, 1981

The Cat! (1981)

vocal quartet, saxophone quartet, brass quartet, orchestra

opera or oratorio

21 min.

Extracts from Nature (1980)

string quartet

19 min.