1. Anemone – coots, dippers, robin, geysers (2:31)
  2. Among flowers – double bass, voice (5:30)
  3. Mud rut – cranes, snipe, fumarole (4:03)
  4. I have seen water – assorted flutes, voice (10:34)
  5. Spadefoot – elk, squirrel, toad, vireo (5:43)
  6. The stars – violin: Stephen Nachmanovitch, voice (6:29)
  7. Paint pots – eagle, grizzly bear, thermal pots (2:55)
  8. Unexpected world – french horn: Randy Rischette, voice (13:34)
  9. Passerine – nutcracker, geese, grouse (1:41)

Cover art: painting by Nestor Toro, Copyright 2019 Ron Fein

Anima combines composed movements alternating with sounds from the U.S. National Park Service sound library. Multiple instruments and settings of haiku interface with isolated and montaged natural sounds. Nature reflects music and music reflects nature. Ultimately, Anima contemplates the destiny of the natural world.

Haiku poetry lyrics that run through the album:

coming with frost
the wind lies down to sleep with
a deserted child

it seems to stupid me
that hell is like this
late autumn

when saying something
my lips are cold
autumn wind

in the night
meeting a thief who also stole
the end of the year

already sad
blowing away the
bottom of discretion

ending the ending
even human dew, or
grass of the forgotten

not only the moon
staying among flowers
when is it a lifesaver?

earth, my bones resign
like me, with the dead,
the grass grows loud

between the forest trees
I have seen water
swaying in the evening sun

too dark to read the page
coolness fills the air
parched throat, roasted skin

my thoughts go to a calm place
death does not have ears
bursting sweetness, hidden seed

emotion piercing my thoughts
in the big open desert
cloak the waiting earth

the long night begins
blood-red on a snow-white sky
the vibrant season