Arpa is Italian for harp. Every voice in each movement is an arpeggio, the act of unfurling a selected group of tones, best expressed in the sweep of a harp.

Lines of differing tempi interact, causing an expansion of western counterpoint, first refined in the music of Bach and Palestrina. One must listen very closely to the crossing of these pathways in order to follow the intricacies of elusive themes and swift, flowing transitions.

My goal was to create an ultramodern polyphony, utilizing the gamut of serious music, popular, jazz and other genres, while embracing the rich history of the interaction and combination of melodies.

  1. piano (8:28)
  2. celesta, xylophone, piano (6:48)
  3. vibraphone (6:29)
  4. piano (7:04)
  5. harp, piano (4:56)
  6. piano (3:56)
  7. reed organ (5:27)
  8. piano (6:01)
  9. ukulele (5:37)
  10. piano (8:04)