Ocean Ragas

  1. surf raga (10:27)
  2. arctic raga (10:34)
  3. fjord raga (11:04)
  4. pelagic raga (12:44)
  5. squall raga (11:50)
  6. reef raga (12:03)

Ocean Ragas explores the tradition of the Indian raga form, for solo piano and percussion.

1 – surf raga

Listening to the rhythm
beating against endless solidity
a fine then violent breeze
frothy, enlivening, pure

2 – arctic raga

Immoveable melting
raging underneath the calm
reversing the unbroken
liquid but unknowable

3 – fjord raga

Funneling from the great north
rockface a cradle
for refuge and new life
maelstrom to stillness

4 – pelagic raga

Out of unforgiving seas
avians return to shore
releasing their young
in trust of survival

5 – squall raga

Axis of the expanse
rapid and overwhelming
then urgently silent
a reverent new peace

6 – reef raga

Protectorate ridge
bathed in the wash
of rejuvenation
barometer of perseverance