1. Mallet – tenor ukulele, tenor guitar, violoncello (13:02)
  2. Plectra – mandolin, bass guitar (6:29)
  3. Apoyando – soprano ukulele, acoustic guitar, bass guitar (9:43)
  4. Una corda – three soprano ukuleles (9:38)
  5. Arco – dilruba, double bass (6:28)
  6. Sub ponticello – koto, esraj, double bass (4:32)
  7. Rasqueado – charango, flamenco guitar (2:02)
  8. Arpeggiando – koto, tenor ukulele, acoustic bass (10:41)
  9. Harmonic – acoustic guitar (4:30)

Each track illustrates different ways string instruments can be played, indicated in each title. All nine hold a string of connection: rapidity to calm, aggressive to peaceful, harsh to gentle, a showering of voices to a single gesture.

This sonic landscape is a dense omni tonality with constantly evolving scordatura tunings. In my ongoing quest to unite music and the natural world, human emotion is interfaced here, with the rhythmic realities of the wild.