1. Forced Migration (9:09)
  2. To Polar Ice (26:10)
  3. Swarm Intelligence (6:33)
  4. Resistance (22:13)
  5. Tsunami Genshi (10:32)
  6. Double Helix (4:23)

Stasis is an electronic album that delves into the natural world. We are also part of nature. Human reaction and nature are more wrapped up with each other than ever in the 21st century. I once made music that revered the natural world – now I am compelled to create sound in deep concern for it.

This music was not designed to be linear. Each piece is a journey inside the subject matter. The listener is invited to become engulfed in these sonic maelstroms. Much of this album could be considered protest music. But it is also music of empathy for the natural world.

Thousands of migrating geese utter a language of movement and displacement, as many people in exile do, forced into a search for humanity. The frigid sea and frozen ice undulate in an extreme environment where primordial masses break down, oceans rise and the voices of the world respond. Multitudes of swarming creatures are threatened by lost resources, engendering intelligence expressed as one complete organism.

Biological and human resistance engage vital forces that counterbalance survival, revealing a tenacity necessary for thriving existence. A decimating tsunami takes the breath out of everything, as an unctuous and eternal pollution adds immeasurable suffering, grasping to a fragment of life, warning us never to forget. Inside the body a journey through the double helix of DNA illustrates a wonder and discovery, celebrating the positive and profound elements of genetic identity.